Burger & Lobster - Banned.


When you only have 2 items on your menu, a burger and a lobster/lobster roll, you better have the most amazing burger and the most amazing lobster/lobster roll. But not at Burger & Lobster.  The food is below par, the staff is arrogant, the wait is ridiculous, and the prices are just exorbitant.  


Enter Burj Daman in DIFC, go up one floor, and you see a huge queue of people waiting to get in at Burger & Lobster. The funny thing is that the restaurant is half empty on the inside, but that's part of over-hyping the place, of course. Once in however, there's a nice vibe to the place, red leather booths and high tables for a hip burger/lobster joint.  


Burger: Bad. The meat is way too thick, making it difficult to grab the burger in both hands and eat it, the flavors are bland and the bun starts cracking immediately

Lobster: Bad. Undercooked and bland

Lobster roll: Average, the best out of the 3 but still not at par with a lobster roll you want to eat


250 AED/person for one burger with a lobster and a lobster roll to share!

Burger & Lobster
Burj Daman Building, 312 Al Sa'ada St - Dubai
Phone:04 514 8838