Muchachas - Muchas gracias for opening in Dubai

In a nutshell

It's about time Dubai got a decent Mexican Cantina! 
The guys behind Tom & Serg recently opened Muchachas, a Mexican cantina much worth visiting: vibrant mood, zingy food and punchy drinks! 

The Mood

They call it "Radical Paradise". Muchachas is unassuming. The music is great, the staff is extremely friendly and the vibe is super laid back. This is your place for happy hour, gatherings, dates or just a good dinner and drinks night! 

The Food 

Hands down the best Mexican I've had in Dubai, and it all starts with mastering the guacamole. You can order from the very extensive menu or go Fiesta and let them do the picking for you (230 AED/person). I would go for the former and go crazy on guac, tacos and quesadillas. 

Drinks: don't miss out on the watermelon margaritas! 


AED 250 per person 

Holiday Inn Express, Safa Park