Massaad - A taste of Lebanon in Dubai

Tabliet Taouk

Tabliet Taouk

In a nutshell

Massaad is a Lebanese institution, a Zahle one to be exact. The place offers Lebanese mezze and bbq with "Tabliet Massaad" as their main specialty.

the mood

I have only been to the JBR branch. Massaad is a tiny 4 tables restaurant with a very cozy, casual setting. 

the food 

You go to Massaad for two things: the shish taouk tablieh and the fattoush. Everything else is optional. 
- Chicken shish taouk tablieh: This is hands down the best shish taouk sandwich you'll have. The chicken taouk is wrapped in a crispy pita bread with olive oil and sesame seeds on top. Hummus and garlic and french fries are all served on the same plate. 
- Fattoush: Pomegranate molasses and pomegranate seeds is the secret to Massaad's delicious fattoush. 



the damage

AED 75 - 150

Massaad BBQ
JBR, Amwaj, near Sofitel
Tel: +971 4 362 9002