Enigma X Quique Dacosta - I'm still looking for the food.

Enigma Dubai


There's one thing I learned out of eating at Enigma x Quique Dacosta: 3 Michelin stars can sometimes fool you. 

Enigma (the untold story), a new restaurant concept at the Palazzo Versace, promises to bring 4 culinary stories over the course of a year, each lasting just for a limited time and told by one of four Michelin star chefs drawn from the kitchens of the world’s 50 finest restaurants. 

Quique Dacosta is the first to tell his story. Dacosta is a 3 Michelin stars chef and his restaurant in Spain holds position 39 in the World's 50 best restaurants list. Unfortunately, he failed to impress us at our very first Enigma experience. 

Maybe I had high expectations, maybe Dacosta thought Dubai needed something different, maybe the "story" was not told properly, and maybe I got so irritated by the show they were trying to pull off that I became negatively biased towards the food. One thing's for sure, the food was not memorable nor was it 3 Michelin worthy.


Dacosta offers a 10 course meal. To give it justice, every meal is presented beautifully. There's a lot of effort done to create a story behind every course - they might have went too far sometimes: from the "special Quique" water that tastes just like water to the nitrogen forest reminiscent of Quique's childhood that is mere presentation on the table. 

Bottom line: if you have an extra 850 AED to spend, have a few hours to waste, and wouldn't mind a disappointing meal, Enigma could then be a good option.   


AED 750 on weekdays (excl. alcohol)
AED 850 on weekends (excl. alcohol)

Palazzo Versace, Dubai Creek