Wild & The Moon - Not all healthy cafes are created equal


If you're a fan of Comptoir102 then you will love Wild & The Moon. And unsurprisingly, this healthy cafe in Al Serkal Avenue was co-founded by the same owner of Comptoir102. The food and drinks are local, plant based, seasonal and all served raw, which makes it a mecca for health freaks and vegetarians. 


Everything about Al Serkal Avenue is cool including Wild & The Moon. High ceiling space with white walls, light wood tables, a jungle of green plants and a pretty cool staff. 


Healthy food can be tasty sometimes and if you want to guarantee getting a tasteful guilt free breakfast or snack, then head to Wild & The Moon. They offer a selection of cold-pressed juices, smoothies, salads, soups, desserts, crackers and snacks. Everything is wild, local, plant based, raw. No processed ingredients, no additives, no gluten, no dairy, no refined sugar. I definitely recommend trying: 

- Avocado on toast with veggie crackers and zaatar
- Acai bowl with shaved coconut, bananas and sprouted quinoa granola
- Sprouted quinoa granola porridge with apple, banana and cinnamon



AED 150

Wild & The Moon
Al Serkal Avenue