Emily (Brooklyn)

Best burger in the city. It's actually a pizza place and they have a limited number of burgers per day so make sure you're there as soon as the place opens (around 5:30pm I guess). 

Chobani (Soho)

Yogurt place (wait), with yummy creations such as Yogurt with mango, avocado and olive oil. Great healthy snack! 

Sadelle's (Soho) 

Great brunch place offering bagels and salmon (but really great bagels and salmon) 

Buvette (west village) 

Go for brunch, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Cute little french place with great quality food

Chelsea Market

There's a taco place there called Los Tacos #1, they serve really good tacos

Luke's Lobster

The best lobster roll in the city, they have several locations

Milk bar (East village or Chelsea) 

Have the cereal milk soft serve and thank me later!

Russ and Daughter's cafe (East village) 

Best smoked salmon in town, go for brunch, they serve salmon and bagels, eggs etc (make sure you go to the cafe and not the deli) 

Sushi Yasuda (midtown) 

Really good Omakase, no frills, no mayo or processed crab either :) 

Billy's Bakery (Chelsea) 

The best banana cake and carrot cake you can have. 

Cafe Habana (Soho) 

Go for one thing, the maiz mexicano!

Salvation Burger

Really good burger joint, ask for the classic burger, not the salvation one. 


Best neapolitan pizza in town

Blue Hill at stone barns

A unique farm to table experience, 50 min away from the city.